Effective 1st January 2023

Product/ServicesTariff (Exclusive of VAT)
Retail Loans
Processing Fees 1% (Min AED 500, Max AED 2,500)
Early Settlement Penalty 1% of the outstanding amount (Max. AED 10,000)
Insurance Fees 3 % of the loan amount + interest (subject to min. of AED 500)
Interest Rate As per AECB score
No Liability certificate AED 100
Liability letter AED 100
Deferment of Installment AED 100/-
Loan Cancelation Fee AED 100
Loan Reschedule Fee AED 250
Credit Cards Platinum and World
Monthly Interest Rate Platinum Card 2.9%, World Card 2.9%
Annual Membership Fees Platinum Card - Free, World Card - Free
Supplementary Card fee* Platinum Card - Free, World Card - Free
Monthly regular E-Statement Platinum Card - Free, World Card - Free
Cash withdrawal limit* Platinum Card 80%, World Card 80%
Cash withdrawal fees per transaction Platinum Card 2.9% fees (min AED 90), World Card 2.9% fees (min AED 90)
Late Fees Platinum Card 230, World Card 230
Over Limit Fees Platinum Card 260, World Card 260
Non-AED Transaction Fee Platinum Card 2.7%, World Card 2.8%
Card replacement Fee Platinum Card - AED 25, World Card - AED 25
Cheque and Direct Debit return Fee Platinum Card - AED 100, World Card - AED 100
Copy of Sales voucher or purchase slip Platinum Card - AED 25, World Card - AED 25
Duplicate e-statement (per month statement) Platinum Card - AED 15, World Card - AED 15
Paper statement (per month statement) Platinum Card - AED 25, World Card - AED 25
Transaction Dispute investigation fee Platinum Card - AED 25, World Card - AED 25
Liability Letter Fee Platinum Card - AED 50, World Card - AED 50
Statement date (Every Month) Platinum Card - 10th, World Card - 10th
Payment due date (from the statement date) Platinum Card - 24 days, World Card - 24 days
Maximum repayment period* Platinum Card - 54 days, World Card - 54 days
Min monthly payment (of monthly balance) Platinum Card 5%, World Card 5%
SME/Corporate Finance
Facility fees As per agreed terms
Early settlement of loan/facility As per agreed terms
Deferment of installment 0.5% of facility amount
Commission on receivable finance per batch As per agreed terms
Facility covenant breach AED 1,000/- Per covenant
Facility fees As per agreed terms
Post Dated Cheque (PDC) Discounting
PDC handling charges AED 25/- per cheque
PDC stop payment AED 100/- per cheque
Replacement/premature withdrawal AED 100/- per cheque
Processing fees for extension of due date AED 250/- per cheque
PDC returned unpaid cheques AED 200/- per cheque
Request for copy of cheques – within one year AED 100/-
Request for copy of cheques – over one year AED 200/-
Representment of returned cheque AED 100/-
Business Accounts
Express account opening AED 500/- per request
Minimum monthly average balance AED 10,000/-
Non-maintenance of monthly average balance AED 500/- per month
Activation of dormant account AED 1,000/-
Letter of Guarantee
Commission at the time of issuance/reissuance 1.5% Per Annum of guarantee amount
Amendment AED 350/- per amendment
Cancellation of guarantee prior to expiry AED 500/- per cancellation
Wage Protection System (WPS)
Outward processing of salary AED 5/- per record
WPS file processing fees AED 50 per file
Funds transfer charges and related
Telex Transfer in UAE – Online AED 25/-
Telex Transfer in UAE – Offline AED 75/-
Payment status enquiry AED 50/-
Remittance message copy AED 100/-
Sweep set up AED 50/- per request
Standing order set up charges AED 25/- per request
Cancellation/amendment standing order AED 25/- per request
Standing instruction failure due to insufficient fund AED 50/- per request
Client statement AED 50/- per month
Trade License Expiry - 31 to 60 Days AED 500/- per month
Trade License Expiry - Thereafter AED 750/- per month
KYC Expiry - 31 to 60 Days AED 500/- per month
KYC Expiry - Thereafter AED 750/- per month
Bank statement less than 6 months old AED 50/- per month
Bank statement more than 6 months old AED 100/- per month
Closure of account within 6 Months of opening AED 500/-
Closure of account more than 6 Months of opening NIL
No Liability letter AED 350/-
Balance Confirmation charges /Audit Confirmation AED 500/-
Various other letters and confirmations AED 100/-
Tesla/internet banking set up one time AED 1,000/-
Internet banking maintenance AED 200/- per month
Account closure certificate AED 250/-
Premature withdrawal of fixed deposit – In addition to the applicable penalty AED 200/-
Disengagement letter for Factoring /POS facility AED 350/-

Important notice :

1) Effective from January 2018 all the fees, commission and charges are subjected to 5% Value Added Tax (VAT). Accordingly, applicable VAT shall be charged to the customer by the company.

2) Al Ain Finance PJSC may at any time at its sole discretion change and amend its fees, service charges, commissions, handling charges, the company shall give a prior notice to the customers on such changes and amendments in accordance with the general Terms and Conditions of granting facility/account opening.